Here you will find everything I’m working on at the moment. Everything is in different stages of production and composition and will most likely (if half-decent) be recorded and will be fleshed out in the future. Till now it is here for you to have a listen! I hope you enjoy.

James x


The Tesco express shuts at 10 on a Sunday so that’s why I’m sat on the floor

Waiting by with Dodie Bi’s and maybe that’s me 

Do you think I’m just tagging along?

Are you jealous boy?

Are you running scared?

You haven’t had a good song since you were 14

And that’s fine for a failure or someone who gets by on royalties

I’m making amends from the view in my house

It’s enough to be sorry I cared 

WK40 and getting me drunk

You’d see if you lived in my head 

I’m a jealous toy 

With a broken arm 

Send me back, replace me and leave me a mess

I’m a fine bit of failure 

Or someone who gets it entirely 

I’m maintaining a wave to the friends I don’t see

As I’m losing my head in the park 

Kicking a bottle of moisturizes cream 

And hoping they get what they want 

I’m better now and I sware to god 

I’m running on wires and I never get caught 

I mean you should’ve seen me …