Go Make Statues.

I think in another life, all songwriters would be sculptures.

You start with a blank slate. A large, ragged, non descriptive piece of stone. The artist will sit down in her chair and start to work. They might perhaps have a brief idea of what will emerge but in a sense, they are creating into the unknown.

They will chip away at an idea, a bit off there, a large chunk there. They will keep going until the flash of an idea emerges. Then they get down to the finer points adding depth and detail.

Control is crucial. Too much and the idea fades away. Too little and its like it was never even there. This balancing act is performed constantly – right up until the point of completion .

Then finally, the final product revels itself. Some may like it, some may hate it. But from here it is out of the artists hands . All she can do is sit down in front of another blank stone tomorrow and start again. Repeat the process.

To me, this is how the songwriting and production process feels at the moment. It feels mostly like an uneducated sculpting metaphor, but the practise feels the same. Work, polish, start again.

Go make some statues.