Why I’m not going to work alone anymore.

So when it comes to myself and my music, I’ve always said I work best alone. And in most ways, that is absolutely true. When alone in creating, you can control every aspect of the process: when you work, how something appears, getting the perfect sound. For me it has always seemed perfect. I don’t have to answer to anyone.

And yet it has such an obvious flaw: it is an incredibly lonely road.

Seneca said best that “there is no enjoying the possession of anything valuable unless one has some one to share it with”. This doesn’t just relate to mere material things, the same can be said of skill and art.

Art and music is meant to be seen and heard even in the production stages.

When creating alone you are battling the whole war solo. You are arming all the fronts while simultaneously trying to move forward. It can become an impossible task.

So why don’t we make things easier? Why not bring in the Army?

Our battles with our projects don’t have to be done on our own. We can use the hands of the people around us to help get things done. We can get their opinions, their advice. We can use the skills of those around us to get things done.

But won’t that infiltrate my vision? Will it destroy my voice?

No, it will strengthen it. Perspective is needed to move forward in what you do. You need people to help you say what you have to say. And others will always be there to help you.

By ourselves, we are half of who we want to be. Let people in.

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