The Best Opening Line I Have Ever Heard

There is an urging sensor inside of every songwriter that will always point to beautiful, prolific lyrics. This will then lead to a prolonged moment of frustration, usually in the form of “Jesus, why didn’t I come up with that!”

That is precisely what happened when I heard the opening lines of 9 months by Annie DiRusso.

The first thing you said the night we met is I was beautiful
And you were right, that New Year’s night I looked so beautiful
So good inside, life in my eyes, I was so beautiful
That’s the last time I looked so beautiful

You are told in English lessons in school to always make your first line good, interesting enough to hook the reader in. Although curriculum-driven advice, it does link very well into songwriting.

As a songwriter, you are given 3 minutes to take a listeners hand and show them into a world you have created. It’s a unique space to tell a story and say ‘this is what I care about and why. DiRusso manages to do this just so effortlessly. It takes barely 5 seconds and you are simply into the song, the world she has created.

It’s my first breakup song. I think the thing I love most about “Nine Months” is that I was able to fit the story of my nine-month relationship into one long song. The song takes you from the beginning of the relationship to the very end. It definitely feels like a journey. It was really special for me and so cathartic to be able to take this whole experience and keep it in one song. 

Annie DiRusso (Twenty Minuets Later Interview)

An amazing track, well worth the listen.