Playing With History.

I was with my brother yesterday, talking with him as he was practising piano. He was playing the Scott Joplin track Pineapple Rag when a strange thought came to my mind. The song was written in 1908, 113 years ago. Would Scott Joplin have ever thought when he was writing the song all that time ago, some kid would be playing it in his bedroom 100 years later.

No peice of music exsistis in a vacume.

When we write music, we are writing history. The same can be said the other way around. When we are performing music, we are playing with a piece of History somebody has created.

When sombody picks up a guitar and starts playing Wonderwall, how many others have gone before them to do the exact same thing?

The same can be said for Happy Birthday, Smoke on the Water, Seven Nation Army.

I’ve heard it said countless times that once a song leaves a songwriters hands, it’s ownership then moves to the audience. I have to admit that I’ve never really understood what that means before, but my realisation yesterday made things clearer.

Whenever you are creating, you’re creating history. Your work will always have purpose bigger than you will ever live to see. It will mean something to somebody else in some way that you may never comprehend.

You are doing powerful work.